specials: pen blanks

Pen blanks...what else could we do with small pieces of wood too beautiful and rare to burn? These blanks are rough-sawn which saves you money--and no one will know the difference after 30 seconds on the lathe. Minimum dimensions are 5/8 x 5/8 x 5-1/2", though generally they're larger. Discounts for larger quantities. USA-only orders, please.

koa, plain and light figure, 25 pcs. $25.00

koa, curly, 12 pcs. $25.00

koa, super curly, 5 pcs. $25.00

walnut, maple, myrtle, red gum eucalyptus, mix/match 25 pcs. $25.00

pheasantwood, 5 pcs. $25.00