We welcome mail, phone, and e-mail orders. Please contact us with your needs and we will get back to you confirm availability, price, and shipping costs.

Gallery/Specials: email us with the set number or description and your location and we will quote a total with shipping.

Shipping/Handling: The cost for shipping single sets within the USA is shown below. The cost is less if you live within 1,200 miles of Washington State; send your zip code and we'll quote. For special cuts, archtop guitars, quantity orders, or international orders, please provide your location for a shipping quote.

          acoustic guitar back-sides $20.00; with top $24.00

          ukulele and flat-back mandolin sets $15.00; over 22" add $4.00

          Weissenborn top-back-sides $27.00

          electric-bass flat-top guitar top $15.00; over 22" add $4.00

          archtop mandolin set  $24.00

          combined orders or other products, please inquire

Delivery: We aim to keep all standard sets in stock, and to ship within 24 hours after receipt of payment. We will advise you of any backordered or unavailable items.

Prices: Prices are subject to change. We will honor any price on this web site for up to 15 days after your inquiry, subject to availability.

Minimum: There is no minimum, but because of the costs of order processing we encourage orders of 50.00 and up. If you have a special need--whatever the amount--let us know and we'll gladly and promptly process your order.

Payment: prepaid via personal or business check, or money order. Sorry, no plastic or paypal (which keeps prices lower). Trade accounts and international customers: please inquire.

F.O.B.: Lopez Island, Washington, USA